Massage is Good

If it's relaxation and stress relief you're after, massage is just the thing. Or maybe you have some nagging problems that we can work on. Let's talk about what massage can do for you.

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Pay by credit card online or in person using secure PayPal technology. Multi-visit discounts are available.

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Join me for fun, personalized Yoga instruction. New to Yoga? Not to worry. Or maybe you're looking for a challenging session that will stretch your horizons? Let's go!


Please note; I am moving effective June 1st to a new location at 5310 West Bluemound Road. I look forward to seeing you.

Common Questions

It goes without saying that massage relieves stress and can greatly enhance your sense of well-being. Therapeutic massage can also release muscular tension and aid in recovery from injury or strenuous exercise. An ongoing program of massage complements other health and wellness practices and can make a real difference in your life.

I schedule all appointments in advance. If I am at my studio I am with a client so I will not be available to discuss an appointment in person. Please contact me via phone to schedule a session. I ask that new clients that are not direct referrals provide detailed contact information before scheduling an appointment.

Parking is often available directly in front of my studio. If not, parking is available in the designated space behind my studio.

While it is not required, I ask that new clients complete a health history form available here. I also encourage you to consider your reasons for scheduling a massage. Are you dealing with an injury or nagging aches? Perhaps you would like to complement your training routine with massage? Are you looking for stress relief and relaxation? We’ll discuss your goals when you arrive. Please shower beforehand as needed.

Absolutely. Your health history form and any session notes are stored securely and are completely confidential. Our conversations are also entirely private.

At your first session we’ll discuss your health history and your issues and goals. At subsequent visits we’ll also review how you’re doing. After we visit briefly, I’ll step out to wash my hands and allow you time to undress privately and get settled onto the massage table and under the sheet. When I return, I’ll make sure you’re comfortable before we begin.

At the end of your session I’ll again step out to give you a moment to relax and time to get dressed. I’ll knock before returning. Of course I’ll want to know how your massage went and get any feedback that may help me with your next session. At this time we can take care of payment and schedule another session if you like.

Your comfort and ease are my primary concern. The right amount of clothing to remove is up to you. Please understand that you are in a professional environment free of judgment. I have worked with people of all ages, races, genders, and sizes.

In some cases, clothing can limit the type of work that can be done. If you choose to undress completely you will still remain partially covered by a sheet throughout your session. That said, some types of massage can be performed even when you are fully clothed. If you have any questions, please ask and we can discuss how to meet your needs.

I encourage you to enjoy the feeling of contentment that massage can bring. Try to take this feeling with you as you continue your day. If we have worked on a specific issue I may have recommendations for further care.

I am available for chair massage at your business or event and can provide multiple therapists if needed. I do not offer outcall services to private residences or hotels.

I do not bill third parties but I can provide documentation if you would like to submit your own health insurance claim.

I always appreciate tips but never expect them. You will receive the same level of service with or without a tip. If you enjoyed your massage I encourage you to mention me to your friends and family.

If you find that you can’t make your appointment, please let me know as soon as possible. 24 hours notice is appreciated.

Purchase Massage Sessions

I accept credit cards in person and online using secure PayPal technology. If you prefer, visit my payment site at Square. I also accept cash and checks.

60 Minute Massage - $70

60 Minute Massage (3 Pack) - $196

60 Minute Massage (6 Pack) - $380

90 Minute Massage - $100

90 Minute Massage (3 Pack) - $288

90 Minute Massage (6 Pack) - $560

30 Minute Massage - $40


Please note; I am moving effective June 1st to a new location at 5310 West Bluemound Road. I look forward to seeing you.

Helpful Tips and Requests

  • Refrain from eating for 2 hours before class.
  • Mats and props are provided. Of course you are welcome to bring your own.
  • You can park in front of the studio and on nearby side streets.
  • The studio will open 10 minutes prior to class. Please arrive on time.
  • Sign in and pay for class prior to the beginning of class.
  • Please turn off all electronic devices prior to the start of class.
  • Please take your shoes off just inside the door.
  • Please do not wear any fragrances or perfumes as others may be sensitive to them.
  • If you would prefer not to be adjusted or touched, please let me know prior to the start of class.
  • It is important that your muscles stay warm during a yoga session so the room is heated to at least 75 degrees. Please wear comfortable clothing and layer. A small towel is recommended.
  • Please do not enter or leave class during meditation or relaxation. It can be disruptive to other members of the class. If you must leave early please leave quietly and before the relaxation period.
  • You may bring a bottle of water although I recommend that you don’t drink a lot of water during class.
  • Children are not allowed to wait in the studio while a class is in session. Please contact me if you would like to have your pre-teen child take a class with you.

Common Questions

Yes, classes are ongoing. Drop in or sign up for a class pass.

Most classes begin with breathing and body awareness exercises and then move on to warm-up exercises or Sun Salutations. Depending on the class description, you may then complete a series of standing poses, balancing poses, and floor poses. Some classes may include back bends and inverted poses. Poses can be modified to meet your individual needs. I keep class sizes small to ensure that you receive personalized attention. Most yoga classes conclude with relaxation. You’ll typically receive a brief neck massage or stretch during the relaxation period.

Yes. Please let me know prior to class what your concerns are and they will be addressed with modifications during the class.

Yes, yoga is for everyone no matter your experience level. In great shape or out of shape, young or old, all you need to do is come with an open mind to receive the positive benefits a yoga practice has to offer.

Wear comfortable clothing that allows good freedom of movement, but nothing too loose. Your body temperature can vary throughout class, so you may want to bring clothing to layer. Yoga is done in bare feet, but feel free to bring socks to cover your feet during relaxation.

Yes, prior to any exercise please get permission from your doctor. Modifications and adjustments will be offered to make the experience safe for the two of you. I also recommend that you contact me before signing up for a class so we can plan your session.

A large private restroom is available but there are no showers or lockers on site. I encourage you to come dressed for class. Your shoes, jackets, and other belongings can be stowed or hung up at the front of the studio. Please leave all jewelry, money and other valuables at home.

Purchase Yoga Classes

I accept credit cards in person and online using secure PayPal technology. If you prefer, visit my payment site at Square. I also accept cash and checks.

Yoga Class - $16

Yoga Class (5 Visits) - $65

Yoga Class (10 Visits) - $120